Fuss Free Lunches

Fuss Free Lunches

Fuss Free Lunches

We dig a little deeper on ‘meal deals’. The unknown facts behind a ‘meal deal’ We explore cost over time of buying versus making. I share lots of lunch ideas and some great hints and tips for lunches that won’t take a lot of time and can suit all people – people who stay in digs, are on the road, at work, at home etc. I bring ingredients where we all get to make a lunch as part of the workshop. A food planner is also included.

In the UK 1 in 8 people will eat the same lunch everyday for years due to lack of confidence, awareness and a belief that purchasing pre-packed sandwiches are convenient.

A lot of ‘shop brought’ sandwiches aren’t as good for us as they seem when it comes to nutritional information displayed on the packaging.

By the time you eat your sandwich it will be 4 days old! Would you eat a 4-day old sandwich at home?

One of the UK's most popular prepacked lunches is a chicken salad wrap – this contains brown starch and jelly is applied so the wrap sticks.

When purchasing pre-packed lunches more and more packaging is bio degradable it still takes a substantial amount of time to degrade. And as for plastic packaging used for sandwiches, wraps, salad pots etc. they produce water droplets.

An example of cost saving when making your own lunch versus buying –

If you make lunch 3 days a week versus buying that’s an average saving of £320 per year per person

Buying a meal ‘DEAL’ will save you approx. 50p.

Agenda –

- Raise awareness when buying packed lunches from our supermarkets, local shops.

- Share ideas for packed lunches

- Discuss good ingredients versus bad (including foods that can boost our energy/productivity/alertness etc.)

- How to plan for lunches without it being a time burden

- Quick and easy homemade packed lunches – an interactive exploration of how to make easy, healthy, and low-cost packed lunches.

- Key learnings

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