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Why I Started SimpliciB

I got into a food rut when living on my own, viewing food as a necessity rather than enjoyable. I decided to create a meals that could suit one. Why should I miss out on 'Sunday dinners' just because I live on my own.

When Covid first hit the UK so many people when panic buying but then threw food away. I decided ...

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I founded SimpliciB in September 2020. 

My expertise is planning and cooking healthy meals at home and lunches and snacks at work. I educate in a variety of versatile ways to be creative rather than repetitive.

I have 15 years’ experience working with various companies as an operational expert and training.

Helping ...

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Why Choose SimpliciB?

For Education Streams, Parents and Carers -

34.5% of UK Children (between 2 and 19) eat junk food through fast food services.

Food is critical now more than ever with the cost of living increasing at a rapid rate so why not incorporate food education with some activities?

My workshops are intentionally designed ...

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I've lost 4lb this week. Following some lovely recipes from Becky and trying to move more - I feel better in myself and no bloating. Becky's recipes are great 


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Rebecca delivered a session for East Midlands Chamber which was really insightful for staff. An emphasis on taking small steps and being realistic about ...Read more

May 10, 2024
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