Cristina Andreea Simion

27 April 2022
a month ago
I had such an amazing session with Becky! She has offered me a lot of tips on how to prepare quick and healthy meals as I was struggling to juggle work and cook...
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nichole mullan

17 August 2021
9 months ago
I have just started out on my new journey with Becky’s help. She has made me think about food in such a different way. I don’t have much willpower when it comes...
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Sabiana Bidian

16 August 2021
9 months ago
Brilliant service! As someone who hates spending too much time in the kitchen I got some great ideas from Becky how to save time and effort. It was the first ti...
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Hayley King

09 August 2021
10 months ago
I had completely lost my motivation in the Kitchen and so signed up for a 1-1 food consultation with Becky and it was amazing. Becky put together some incredib...
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23 June 2021
a year ago
From a lovely customer, Jaz Rai I had a 30 minute session with Becky, it was really helpful. We discussed me going plant based and the various types of recipes ...
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