Fighting Work Fatigue Through Food

Fighting Work Fatigue Through Food

Price may vary depending on number of participants and location. 

Why have I created this workshop?

Fighting fatigue through good food and planning to increase productivity, wellbeing, saving money and being ethical.

During the Covid period studies show that a business with an average of 2000 employees will have more than half eating unhealthy resulting in obesity, tooth decay, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a decrease in mental well being.

This means that employers will lose approximately 25% in their staff’s productivity every month due to poor food choices not to mention employee wellbeing.

The burden of ill health through food is that approximately 10% of the UK has time off work.

The aim of this workshop is to build awareness of healthy food and to encourage employees to eat healthy. Employees will save money, have more energy and both employee and employer show they are ethical and doing their bit for the environment.

I am scheduled to deliver this workshop in the new year with Colleague Box and Evad Think Unified.

Agenda –

- Planning better for meals and the benefits and all employees get a few weeks’ planner.

- Good foods versus bad foods.

- A talk on how to make your own versatile tomato-based sauce with a recipe card and the ingredients for all employees.

- Q&A.

- There is the option of a monthly subscription where I return and help employees track their benefits and access to my website where there is a forum and individuals can enter cost, time, health, and track.

- There is another option of incremental workshops –

Food fatigue, Breakfast on the go, healthy lunches.

Approach –

The workshop will last around 1 to 1.5 hours with a formal approach; lots of discussion and little slides.

This workshop is adaptable with various options for delivery –

1. Face to face.

2. Virtual.

3. Pre recorded and you will own the rights with an additional session for Q&A.

I have 15 years’ experience in delivering various techniques and I have also had to adapt to the current world we live in. I find for the best interaction the workshops would hold no more than 15 people.


The workshop includes a food planner, all the
ingredients to make the tomato-based sauce and a recipe card. 

Per course

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