Inventive Ideas/Activities for the Family

Inventive Ideas/Activities for the Family

This workshop is a fun activity that gets the whole family involved. It allows children to have an early relationship with food which is critical for future development.

When you book this package you will receive the following:

- Blind taste and touch game - this is a great way to get children to try foods they may not usually (and the children can have a little fun by getting revenge on their parent/carer)

- The Luck Dip game - a bag with food items written on card. Place the cards in the bag and each member of the family choses an agreed number of cards - it is then your mission to make a meal showcasing the items you picked (full instructions included)

- Science and food - some great experiments that help children embrace food

- A guide to a family competitive cook along

- How to Grow Scraps from Your Own

- A guide to a chefs kitchen set up - a great way to encourage confidence and leadership 

You get to keep these items so the games can be played over and over. They are great as an activity for the school holidays or even as a theme for birthday parties. This has been designed to it can suit both virtual and face to face.

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