Food Waste Week 2022

What upsets me is why do we need a week per year dedicated to this? Isn’t this something we should be aiming to do every day?

Can you remember when the UK Government imposed a cost on carrier bags? Only then did we as the public in the UK act and that’s because we didn’t want to pay

So, think of this – will you wait for the Government to impose a cost on our household food waste, or will you act NOW?

Did you know that as of the 29th of October 2021 the UK had thrown away an average 9.52 million tonnes of food per year This emits 25 million tonnes of CO2e – CO2e stands for carbon dioxide equivalent, one of the gases that is a contributor to global warming!

In essence what this means is when you throw food away, some if not all will go into landfill and as the items rot, they produce the gas, so less food waste means less land fill which means less global warming!

I am convinced that we only act on cost or scandal because of a lack of knowledge and education, so let me help you reduce your household food waste -

Did you know that the highest rate of food waste comes from our households? That’s more than restaurants, supermarkets etc. – WOW

In addition to this our UK households are suffering financially – we are seeing our household bills more than double (gas, electric) and food costs are going up. Let me help you keep your food costs down by reducing your food waste

Potatoes are the most wasted single food in the UK, with 1.6 billion thrown away every year, according to WRAP. The most thrown away food group in the country is fresh vegetables & salad, which makes up 28% of edible food waste. These are the most wasted food types in the country

Potatoes – do not keep in your fridge, store in a dry cool place away from other veg and they will last a lot longer. Did you know that you can freeze jacket potatoes? Make a batch, freeze, and defrost you cook and eat at your convenience. You can also do this with mashed potato

Fresh veg and salad – any of these goods that are in bag when you purchase make sure you rinse, line Tupperware with kitchen roll and place the fresh item in. This will prevent things like spinach, stir-fry etc. going soggy. Use your left over veg to make a stir fry for example. Oven roast tomatoes, peppers, onions for example and blitz to make a wonderful tomato-based sauce for soup, spaghetti bolognaise, or even a chilli

Bread is also one of the highest food waste categories. Determining just how much bread is wasted across the supply chain is difficult, but of the 100 million tons of bread produced globally per year, ‘hundreds of tons’are thought to be wasted daily. This is because bread is susceptible to staling and spoiling, meaning that waste is high in households and retail

Break bread into pieces and fry to make croutons for a salad, throw your stale bread out to the birds, soak up your soup with staling bread, blitz into breadcrumbs which are great for katsu curry, fishcakes, and southern fried chicken

So please, let’s not make this a national awareness day – what’s the ONE thing you could change today?

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