Why Choose SimpliciB?

For Education Streams, Parents and Carers -

34.5% of UK Children (between 2 and 19) eat junk food through fast food services.

Food is critical now more than ever with the cost of living increasing at a rapid rate so why not incorporate food education with some activities?

My workshops are intentionally designed to give children of all ages the freedom to explore foods and make their own choices and it's proven that this with anything in life is the most effective way to learn. Whilst many food training businesses teach how to replicate, I am all about exploration - taste, try, decide.

Approximately three-quarters of British children DO NOT know how to cook

For Business and Individuals - 

According to research from Nuffield Health 25 percent of workers find it difficult to deal with the mental challenge of loneliness and isolation from colleagues.


30 percent of workers report finding it difficult to separate work and home life and 27 percent find it hard to switch off at the end of the day.

In 2020 during the pandemic studies show that a business with an average of 2000 employees will have more than half eating unhealthy resulting in obesity, tooth decay, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a decrease in mental well-being.

This means that employers will lose approximately 25% in their staff’s productivity every month due to poor food choices not to mention employee wellbeing.

The burden of ill health through food is that approximately 10% of the UK has time off work.

Businesses have a duty of care to look after employees.

Training courses versus my fluid thought-provoking workshops.

Various research is predicting a rapid increase in the demand for personalised interactive workshops (virtually and classroom).

Approximately 75% of learning is retained and sustained when the employee can practice as they learn.

I am unlike many other food businesses available. The market is saturated with cookbooks, internet recipes, meal kits, cooking programs. All of these will teach people how to REPLICATE. In terms of value, you will learn how to copy a recipe.

I use my organisational expertise to teach people how to create their own delicious food the way they like it, no cookie cutter approach used.

There is no other food service business available that offers a versatile approach to food and food education

The aim of the various workshops is to build awareness of healthy food and to encourage employees to eat healthy. Employees will save money, have more energy and both employee and employer show they are ethical and doing their bit for the environment.

I offer a variety of flexible workshops that are available on my website.


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